ALFDRAIN PD6-225 comprises of a 6 mm drainage core with high puncture resistance of 1650 N and flow capacity of 110 l / m / min, laminated with a robust geotextile of tensile strength of 10,000 N / m to prevent intrusion of soil into the core . A soaring compressive strength of 700,000 Pa and creep resistance enables ALFDRAIN PD6-225 to perform under a wide range of loads.
ALFDRAIN cores are extruded using virgin polymers from SABIC, Saudi Polymer, etc .. and laminated online in one step process that ensures assured quality and durability of the geocomposites. ALFDRAIN cores have been certified by independent laboratories to comply with minimum 100 years service life.
Application Areas : ALFDRAIN PD6-225 is a multi-functional geocomposite which finds it usage in protecting waterproofing membranes as a superior alternate to conventional protection boards. Puncture resistance of ALFDRAIN PD6-225 is higher than the protection boards, in addition it also provides avenue for drainage for not only water but also gases like radon and methane by acting as a secondary waterproofing. Consequently the hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing membrane is reduced, prolonging its lifetime.


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