ALFDRAIN is a high performance impermeable, flexible, cuspated drainage sheet made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The single cuspated core acts as a high performance drainage medium. Optimum compressive strength and resistance to creep ensure that the core will maintain its drainage capability under a wide variety of compressive loadings. The unique stud design has clear passageways to allow flow in all directions.

ALFDRAIN cores are extruded using virgin polymers from SABIC, Saudi Polymer, etc .. and laminated online in one step process that ensures assured quality and durability of the geocomposites. ALFDRAIN cores have been certified by independent laboratories to comply with minimum 100 years service life..

It is available in thickness of 6, 10 and 15 mm with an purpose designed geotextile filter laminated to it.

APPLICATION AREAS: Drainage behind retaining walls, potable water reservoir roofs and walls, tunnels, roof gardens and block paving drainage. Relief of uplift pressure beneath tanks, slabs and culverts. Capillary break layer below base slabs. It can be applied horizontally on roofs and below base slabs or vertically against walls.

Grades: S6, S10 and S15 with additional geotextile as required on one or both sides

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