ALFDRAIN Salt Barrier:

ALFDRAIN SALT BARRIERis a specifically developed capillary breaker to resistthe rise of salty ground water to the imported top soil layer in landscaped/hardscaped areas and in the base course layers of paved roads.

The product consists of a HDPE biplanar net core which is heat laminated on both sides to a purpose designed hydrophobic thermally bonded nonwoven geotextile .

ALFDRAIN cores are extruded using virgin polymers from SABIC and laminated online in a one step process that ensures assured quality and durability of the geocomposites. ALFDRAIN cores have been certified by independent laboratories to comply with minimum 100 years service life.
APPLICATION AREAS: Capillary breaking layer for landscaping and under pavement courses in hot and arid climates underlain with salty ground water.
Grades: SB4-D285 – for landscaping & hardscaping
SB6-D305 –as capillary breaking layer under pavement construction

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