Erosion Control In Water Ways


ALYAF geotextiles are an excellent choice for your erosion control applications because of their:

Excellent hydraulic properties
    Fine pore size
      High permeability
     Low potential for clogging

Superior Mechanical Properties
   High tensile strength with good elongation
     Excellent dynamic and static puncture strength

Flowing water can cause severe erosion and instability of soil structures. ALYAF geotextiles play a key role as excellent filter materials to prevent erosion and ensure stability of soil structures in applications like;

  • Quay walls
  • Seashore erosion protection
  • Streambank protection
  • Ditch, channel and canal slope protection
  • Cut and fill slope
  • Scour protection around bridge piers
They may be used in combination with riprap or armour stone, concrete blocks, articulated concrete as well as gabion mattresses.

             sHORE PROTECTION

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