Slope Protection

The ALFWEB system is an engineered cellular confinement system made from alternate linking of semi-rigid panels of needle-punched chemically bonded ALYAF nonwovens to form an expandable, three dimensional cellular structure.

The system is utilized in the areas of slope protection, channel protection, load support and earth retention structures. The ALFWEB system dramatically improves the performance of infill materials in these applications.


The ALFWEB system can be used in many slope protection applications meeting a wide range of performances and aesthetic requirements. the three dimensional system confines the determined infill material to resist anticipated hydraulic stresses, inhibits erosion and prevents downward migration of embankment materials.

A variety of infill material can be used with the ALFWEB system. The choice of infill materials is based upon the demands of the specific project / problem.

Infill materials Include :
  • Topsoil with various selected vagetation.
  • Aggregate from sand and gravel to larger rock or stone.
  • Concrete of various strengths and surface finishes.
  • Combination of above to meet special conditions.
In slope protection application, the ALFWEB system prevents the downtime migration of embankment materials by functioning as small check-dam in the upper soil layer. On vegetated slopes, it increases erosion resistance by encapsulating and protecting the vegetative root zone. it helps prevent forming of ridges and gullies in areas of concentrated erosive soils.

The ALFWEB cellular confinement system offers a broad range of surface protection treatment for all slopes.The system is engineered for flexibility and can be combined with simple but effective enchoring techniques to allow the application of both vegetated and hard surfacing materials on steep slopes.

                              SLOPE EROSION

                       ALFWEB ON STEEP SLOPES 

                        ALFWEB ON GENTLE SLOPES