Soil Stabilization

ALYAF Geosynthetics play a major role in the construction of pavements towards

Ø  Increase in pavement life especially over weak subgrades

Ø  As capillary break layers over saturated subgrades

Ø  For ground improvement over swampy areas like “sabkha” type of soils


Construction over Weak Subgrades:

The principal application of geotextiles in road pavements has been as a separator between the base course or subbase and subgrade. Intermixing and contamination of the base course aggregate under the influence of traffic loading and the pumping of fines from the subgrade, results in reduction of the effective base course thickness. With ALYAF geotextile acting as a separation layer at the interface of the subgrade and the base course, the designed base course thickness and its properties are maintained throughout the life of the project by pavement?


Construction over Saturated Subgrades:

Higher evaporation rates and a shallow ground water in hot and arid climates lead to capillary rise of ground water into the base course of pavements. The presence of moisture in base courses is detrimental to its performance and causes rapid pavement damage. To break the capillary rise and redirect water to the edge drains ALYAF has launched a new generation of geocomposite capillary break layers that replace the traditional open graded aggregate layers and the geotextile filters.


Ground Improvement over Sabkha Soils:

Embankments constructed over Sabkha terrains suffer different classes of deterioration due to their low load-bearing capacity and a highly saline shallow ground water. ALYAF has pioneered techno-commercially viable geosynthetics solutions for stabilizing sabkha soil. A typical solution includes the following component:


Ø  ALFGRID geocomposite: A single product to provide the critical multifunction of separation, filtration and reinforcement.

Ø  Well graded aggregate layer of designed thickness as working platform.

Ø  SALT BARRIER: Geocomposite capillary break layer to prevent the rise of the saline ground water into the structural layers.


        Over Weak Subgrades                              Over Saturated Subgrades                                          Over Sabkha Soils